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From the Introduction: It’s nearly spring and time to plant those little, brown or white seeds, that soon will burst into a rainbow of flowers or a bounty of vegetables. It won’t be long until the fruit trees blossom with promises of fresh apples, cherries, and pears. I think the bees and the birds are as anxious for the sweet taste of “fresh from the garden” as are Barb and I. We celebrate our gardens and the joy of gathering the abundance they provide in our featured quilts, “Gathered Harvest” and “Ripe for the Picking”. Birds flit through the blocks; berries, pears, and apples drip from loaded branches, while blooms burst forth in our folksy, whimsical quilts. Choose your favorite colorway and get started on one of these vibrant, easy to applique quilts. Flowers, fruits and birds blend perfectly with the variety of pieced blocks in our “Farmers’ Market” quilt. No boring, plain binding would do for this project so Barb added large ball fringe to the edge. You’ll love making this fun, easy quilt! Barb added two pillows to accessorize and compliment the quilts included here. Just choose two of your favorite designs from “Ripe for the Picking” to get started. Pick up some large ball fringe to add to the edges for a sweet, finishing touch. Gather a harvest of your favorite prints and join us as we stitch together a quilt or two to enjoy season after season!

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