BERNINA Magnifying Lens Set

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BERNINA has a unique accessory that really helps you see your stitching as you work. The Magnifying Lens Set is designed to attach to the front of your machine just above the needle. It magnifies the needle area as you set up the machine and watch the needle sew. It is particularly useful for manually threading the needle and for sewing tiny stitches such as micro stippling. It also helps with specialty sewing techniques such as Heirloom sewing or attaching individual beads to fabric. Using the magnifying lens in conjunction with the LED lights helps to reduce eye fatigue

The set come with three lenses of different strengths. The three strengths of the lenses are D7 (1.75X), D6 (1.50X), and D5 (1.25X). Each lens is marked with a number to make it easy to identify the one you need. These magnifying lenses fit all current BERNINA sewing machine.

A separate mounting bracket (not included with the lenses) holds the magnifier. This bracket should be attached to the machine by a trained technician and can remain on your machine even when it is not in use. You can then easily attach any of the lenses to the bracket by loosening the thumb screw, putting it in place, and then tightening it as needed.

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